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Photo Gallery

Most of the pictures on my website are in the Photo Gallery.


Spotted Eel

Spotted Eel at Gaulding Cay!

Sargassum Frogfish

Juvenile Sargassum Frogfish. We caught this Sargassum Frogfish right off our beach. We had onshore winds that pushed all of the Sargassum seaweed up and this little fish came with it

Brittle Star

My dad found this Brittle Star under some loose rocks at Gaulding Cay.

Female Bahama Woodstar

I was very lucky this Female Bahama Woodstar posed for me. They are usually flying at the speed of light all around our house.

Seargeant Major

Seargeant Major at Lemon Reef.

Green Turtle

Green Turtle at the ocean hole. It is very hard to see him because you are looking through a thousand minnows.


Waterspout at Gaulding Cay.


Two waterspouts at Gaulding Cay.

Southern Stingray

Southern Stingray burried in sand at Gaulding Cay.

Spider crab

Spider crab a little bit south of Muttonfish Point

Grunts, Surgeon fish, Schoolmaster and Seageant majors

Grunts, Surgeon fish, Schoolmaster and Seageant majors all at Gaulding Cay.

Yellow Stingray

Yellow Stingray half buried in the sand at Gaulding Cay.


I found this little Gecko on our porch right before hurricane Frances. I have never seen one like it.


Osprey at Gaulding Cay. Notice the Yellowtail Snapper he has in his talon.


Sunset at Gaulding Cay

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