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Snorkeling Stories
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   Snorkeling stories will be updated when the water get warm.  The water is 63 now.

        There is a new Snorkeling Story about every two - three weeks.  In the winter the fish section of this website goes into hibernation because the water gets too cold here.  So there probably won't be any new stories during winter. 

     The Snorkeling Reports are in order from oldest to newest.

  SNORKELING REPORT FOR SEPTEMBER 5TH (Wednesday) 2003                                                

   I only went out to Lemon reef today, because the weather wasn't that nice, but I did see a new juvenile school master and a new stoplight parrot fish. Weather conditions: Overcast with small showers, slight breeze from the southeast. Temperature is around 80 F and humidity is around 70%. Water is very clear.                                            

  SNORKELING REPORT FOR SEPTEMBER 18TH (Monday) 2003                                               

   We have had a lot of new fish in Lemon reef, but we haven't gone out to the Cay yet but we will soon. Weather conditions: very hot and Sunny, no breeze. Temperature is around 84 F and humidity is around 63%. Water is kind of murky.    

 SNORKELING REPORT FOR SEPTEMBER 20TH (Monday) 2003                                                

   We went to the Gaulding Cay today! We saw four big Bar Jack at the end of the cay, but I didn't have a chance to get a picture of them. We saw a lot of juvenile Stoplight parrotfish, and a few Nassau groupers. The fish are getting so calm at Lemon reef that I fed some out of my hand. We saw a sand diver (see about fish). Weather conditions: Sunny. Breeze from the southeast. Temperature: n/a and humidity: n/a. Water is clear.       

SNORKELING REPORT FOR SEPTEMBER 24TH (Wednesday) 2003                                            

     We went out to the cay three times today and saw three yellow stingrays and got some pictures of them. We also saw a huge Porcupine fish, in a cave, and two Nassau groupers, we didn't see any Bar Jack. We saw the Lane snapper that always stays out at the grass patch. Weather conditions: Sunny with clouds. Strong breeze from the southeast. Temperature is 89 F and humidity is 53%. Water Temperature: 91 F.                                  

SNORKELING REPORT FOR OCTOBER 1ST  (Wednesday) 2003.                                                     

   We went to Louis's nursery! We saw a lot of new fish plus a turtle, he was really cool because he was moving so slow, we didn't get a picture of him because we only saw him from a distance, and when we swam towards him he left. There some very pretty goat fish with a yellow stripe that runs down their body, we also saw a scorpion fish for the first time. The scorpion fish we saw was on a rock camouflaged very well. Scorpion fish are about six to fourteen inches long, they have venomous spines on their fins, and many people who get stung black out. Unfortunately we used up all the pictures on our camera so we couldn't get a picture of the scorpion fish. When we got back and uploaded the pictures we thought it would have been better to delete all the pictures just for one of the scorpion fish. We also got some pictures of a stingray. Some of the pictures we took are in the Photo Gallery section. Weather conditions : Sunny. Hardly any breeze. Temperature: 90 F and humidity is 56%. Water Temperature: 81 F.                      

 We have not been snorkeling that much because the water has been murky. We can hand feed almost all the fish at Lemon reef. One of the Schoolmasters got bit by something that  was pretty big (see below) , you can see the cut from a distance. My mom and dad were wondering if it the could be the lemon shark (see news) that we've seen on the mornings of October sixth and seventh.  I don't think it was him, I think it was the Nassau grouper that hangs around.


We also went to Gaulding Cay today and saw a spotted moray eel that was looking right at us. We tried to get a picture of him but it didn't come out, because he was in the shadow of the overhang of the cay. Spotted eels get to four feet long, but the one we saw was about two feet long. They have a pattern like composition tablets. Hopefully the water will clear soon enough for the next snorkeling story. Weather conditions: Sunny, with some breeze. Temperature: 75 F. Water is somewhat murky.

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