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   The Bahamas is full of interesting animals and plants.  This page contains most of the Land Animals I have seen here.  I am still working on getting some of the pictures.  The pictures on this page are ones that me and my dad took. 

        Birds  -  Snakes  -  Lizards


   Banaquit  -  These aren't very common around our house because were so close to the beach.  Inland these birds are very common.

  Bahama Mockingbird  -  Are noisy and unpleasant birds.  They scare away all of the other birds except for
  the Osprey.

                    King of our clothes line

  Man o war

  Oyster catcher

  King Fisher

  Antillean Bullfinch  -  They are about the size of a sparrow.


     Smooth billed Ani  -  Smooth billed Anis' look like a crow except for their beak which is parrot like.  They
    usually live in a group of four.  They takes turns being the look out of the group.  The look out sits high up
    in a tree looking for danger, while the rest stay down out of sight.      


   Great blue heron  -  These birds are found wading in the near by salt pond.  The birds we see stand
   about 3-4 tall and are all white. 

    Green Heron  -  Green herons' are by far the smallest heron we have seen on Eleuthera

    Osprey  -  Osprey are a large falcon.  They are not to common on Eleuthera unfortunately. Osprey eat a
    lot of fish.

     This is from directly under him. Note the yellowtail snapper in his talon.




 This is the regular Brown Anole. They are usually about 3-4 inches long.






    There is only one specie of frog on Eleuthera. It is the Cuban tree frog. It toxic coat on its skin, but it is not very poisonous. The males croak loudly after a rain.

   Cuban Tree Frog

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